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For this assignment, you will be creating an activity brainstorming web for our integrated study on pets.
Create a web for a study of pets with a minimum of 15 activity ideas that you could implement in a preschool (ages 3-5) classroom.

This web must include at least 10 activities related to gross motor development, fine motor development, art, music, movement and dramatic play.
You may also include activities that support math, science, language and literacy, social studies, and sensory play in order to meet the requirement of having at least 15 activities in the web.
When creating the web, put the study topic in the middle, and then first branch out to domains/content areas before adding the activity ideas. For example, I would web out from pets to gross motor development and then out to gross motor activity ideas.
In order to make the completion of this assignment easier, you may choose to first complete a topic brainstorming web. In this type of web, you would include learning ideas/questions related to your topic of study. You are not required to submit this web.

For example, in a study of pets, you might include types of pets, what pets eat, caring for pets, pet equipment, people who care for pets, etc. Then you would web out from each of those ideas to include responses related to each category.

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