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Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
-Describe the characteristics of a prokaryotic genome
-Describe the roles of various microorganisms in our world
-Select appropriate methods to study microorganisms
-Analyze the role of microbes in human disease and public health

-Prepare an annotated bibliography for the final Project that you will submit for Unit 9
-Annotations should include a summary and evaluation of the each source.
-You are expected to use at least five (6) resources, including the course textbook (Fundamentals of Microbiology 10th Edition by Jeffrey C. Pommerville)
-All Internet sources must be original articles or government resources.
-Wikipedia or other non-peer reviewed resources are not acceptable.
-Free of Plagiarism
The annotated bibliography you submit must be your own work, free of plagiarism.
Use APA style for all citations.
Here is the link for A P A Style Central

-Provides resources that are relevant to the proposed Unit 3 outline
-Provides detailed summary and evaluation of each resource
-Provides at least 5 resources
-List is comprised only of peer reviewed resources
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