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BUS320 Research Methods

What to do and write in the Individual Assignment (20%)

  1. Choose a topic for your assignment
  2. Write your assignment report as below.
  3. The report should be 7-10 pages long MS word (Excluding cover page, table of contents, data questionnaire and refences).
  4. Make it look beautiful also with relevant visuals, pics, and data
  5. Upload it on the LMS link, Individually, on or before April 01, 2018 the due date.
  6. Please do not email or give hard copies please.
  7. Late submission will reduce your marks/ grade.

What to include in the assignment report

Cover page (course name, name of the student, assignment name, college name and logo, semester, faculty name etc.)

Table of contents

Main Report

  1. Page 1-2: Introduce exploratory research study
  2. Page 3-4: Your research topic, description, (what and why it is important to explore)
  3. Page 4-6: Your proposed plan for data collection, questionnaire, sample size, and data analysis
  4. Page 7-9: data presentation and analysis , data tables and data analysis
  5. Page 10: Five lessons you have learnt in doing this assignment.
  6. References

Suggested topics

Exploratory Research on

  1. Opinion or perception of citizens and expats on any social, business and cultural aspects of UAE, Dubai, brands, companies (examples: Etisalat customer service or another well-known company in the UAE), smart governance (or another well-known public initiative in the UAE government)

2.. Any other topic you like to choose


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