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Gothic and Romanesque influences on Aesop duke of york square

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Interior:Aesop duke of york square
Style:Gothic and Romanesque

1:The paper is an analysis of the relationship between aspects of Gothic and Romanesque and the interior design of Aesop duke of york square.

!!! Use books and scholarly journal articles. You must have at least two books and two articles in your bibliography, and not more than one website.

2:Your discussion must include researched information on the interior, building, time period and if appropriate, the life of the designer and patron. Mention if it was commissioned, where it is/was seen, and how it is/was interpreted or received by its audience.

3:Your paper will present your analysis of how the interiors you found reflect the earlier design style through one or more of the following: form, spatial layout, color scheme, materials chosen, theoretical underpinnings, geometry, ornament, symbolism, imagery. This will entail research about the context of the chosen interiors as well as of the historical style(s).

3:In the first paragraph, introduce and fully identify your interior, its influence and the main perspective of your paper. What is the meaning of the relationship between this interior and the earlier style it references? What is the interpretation and commentary? Begin with general summary statements (your basic thesis or argument) regarding the relationship. Continue with a detailed discussion of information that support your introductory opinions, ending with a conclusion.

4:Organize the body of your paper around support of your thesis. Integrate in your own words the description of the interior (and its context) and a detailed explanation of the historical style and its development. Give a solid history of the precedent as well as examples. Describe the similarities with your more recent interiors as well as the differences or variations in interpretation. In your conclusion, remember: do not just restate your thesis but come to a conclusion that synthesizes your observations, analysis and research. While this should address your larger conclusions about the nature of your interior’s interpretation of a historical style keep your conclusions specific. No need to draw overarching general statements.

5. your paper must be written in your own words except for direct quotes taken from books. Use the vocabulary you understand and construct your own descriptive phrases and ideas. Remember we are interested in how you reason about the work and how you evaluate what you read. (Please note: titles of art works are underlined or italicized.)

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