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International terrorism, fluctuations in exchange rates, changing visa situations and global warming among other things have changed the face of global tourism and affected international hospitality sector. Keeping this in mind, theory and practice of change management help us understand forces that are impacting the world and potential ways to deal with them.

In this assessment, you are required to choose a problem in a company in the tourism and hospitality sector (travel agency, airliner, hotel, etc.) and explain the problem and causes of that. You are expected to use change management theory and practice to discuss various aspects of the problem and identify change actions that can be undertaken to resolve the problem. The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on how you can understand change management theory and research and effectively apply that understanding to improve change management in practice.

Essential text and materials:
1. Waddell, D.M., Creed, A., Cummings, T.G., and Worley, C.G. (2017). Organizational Change Development & Transformation (6th edition). Melbourne, VIC: Cengage.
2. Apart from the prescribed textbook, you will find it valuable to get into the practice of reading relevant articles from the following journals: • Journal of Management • Academy of Management Journal • The Journal of Change Management • Journal of Organizational Behaviour • Journal of Organizational Change Management • Leadership and Organization Development Journal • Organization Development Journal

Report Structure:

1.0 Introduction- background to the company and introduction to the problem(s)

Body Paragraphs

2.0 Causes of the problem(s): Internal and external factors using theories of change management
2.1 Internal factors
2.2 External factors

3.0 Propose a change process for the managers and employees of the company to address the problem (enacting and responding to situations of change management)

3.1 Recommendations for managers
3.2 Recommendations for employees
3.3 Recommendations for similar companies

4.0 Conclusion

1. Word count: Approx.3000 words (excluding references and appendices)
2. Using reliable sources such as academic journal articles, text books.
3. All referencing must be in accordance with APA 6th Edition Referencing Style




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