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MGT450 Strategic Management

What to do and write in the Individual Assignment (20%)

  1. Choose an Emirati company for your assignment.
  2. Write your assignment report as below.
  3. The report should be 7-10 pages long MS word (Excluding cover page, table of contents, data questionnaire and refences).
  4. Make your report look attractive with relevant visuals, pics, and data
  5. Upload it on the LMS link, Individually, on or before March 30, 2018-the due date.
  6. NO EMAIL or Print outs.
  7. Late submission will reduce your marks/ grade.


What to include in the assignment report

  1. Cover page (course name, name of the student, assignment name, college name and logo, semester, faculty name etc.)
  2. Table of contents
  3. Main Report
  4. Page 1-2: Briefly Describe the business, mission and vision of the Emirati company you have chosen
  5. Page 3-4: Briefly Describe your strategic management topic (what and why it is important)
  6. Page 4-6: Briefly Describe how the Emirati company manages the topic and the SWOT
  7. Page 7-9: Give Five suggestions to improve the topic.
  8. Page 10: Five lessons you have learnt in doing this assignment.
  9. References

Suggested topics

You may Select only one topic from the following

  • Mission, Vision and strategic objectives
  • Leadership and governance
  • Organizational innovation and changes
  • International presence
  • Business portfolio
  • Competitive advantages
  • Learning organization
  • Exit and entry stare

You may study the above topic in a well-known Emirati brand/ companies (examples: Etisalat, Du telecom, Emaar, Majid Al Futtaim, Damas Jeweler etc.)


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