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To think critically about potential uses and interpretations of a text; to form an argument that is both creative and effective; to consider which arguments are most useful for addressing a specific audience.

Write an 1,800-2,000-word proposal to an organization encouraging them to use (or to cease using) Kate Chopin’s The Awakening to further their mission.

Possible approaches:

Write a proposal to a popular feminist book club (Oprah’s Book Club; Emma Watson’s group “Our Shared Shelf,” etc.) and propose why this group should or should not read The Awakening.
Suggestions: What is the group’s mission? What books have they read in the past, and how might Chopin’s text complement or challenge them? What moments in the text might support the book club’s mission? What sorts of discussions or questions might the text raise for this particular group?

Option 3.
A proposal of your own creation. (Please run your idea by me before beginning).

Use 2-3 sources (a variety of BEAT sources) in addition to The Awakening to make your proposal’s argument convincing to your specific audience.

To complete this assignment successfully, you’ll need to:
-Research your audience.
-Think about the types of arguments that will be compelling to your chosen audience.
-Effectively use a variety of sources to support your argument.
-Interpret moments in the text and communicate their importance to your readers.

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International terrorism, fluctuations in exchange rates, changing visa situations and global warming among other things have changed the face of global tourism and affected international hospitality sector. Keeping this in mind, theory and practice of change management help us understand forces that are impacting the world and potential ways to deal with them.

In this assessment, you are required to choose a problem in a company in the tourism and hospitality sector (travel agency, airliner, hotel, etc.) and explain the problem and causes of that. You are expected to use change management theory and practice to discuss various aspects of the problem and identify change actions that can be undertaken to resolve the problem. The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on how you can understand change management theory and research and effectively apply that understanding to improve change management in practice.

Essential text and materials:
1. Waddell, D.M., Creed, A., Cummings, T.G., and Worley, C.G. (2017). Organizational Change Development & Transformation (6th edition). Melbourne, VIC: Cengage.
2. Apart from the prescribed textbook, you will find it valuable to get into the practice of reading relevant articles from the following journals: • Journal of Management • Academy of Management Journal • The Journal of Change Management • Journal of Organizational Behaviour • Journal of Organizational Change Management • Leadership and Organization Development Journal • Organization Development Journal

Report Structure:

1.0 Introduction- background to the company and introduction to the problem(s)

Body Paragraphs

2.0 Causes of the problem(s): Internal and external factors using theories of change management
2.1 Internal factors
2.2 External factors

3.0 Propose a change process for the managers and employees of the company to address the problem (enacting and responding to situations of change management)

3.1 Recommendations for managers
3.2 Recommendations for employees
3.3 Recommendations for similar companies

4.0 Conclusion

1. Word count: Approx.3000 words (excluding references and appendices)
2. Using reliable sources such as academic journal articles, text books.
3. All referencing must be in accordance with APA 6th Edition Referencing Style




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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Modes of Reasoning 1770
Techniques of Persuasion
Critical Essay
Due Feb 27, 2018
This assignment is a version of the Argumentation Exercise; Writing the
Dialogue, found on page 230 of the textbook. We have now acquired the
skills necessary to evaluate extended arguments. That is, we are going
to take our understanding of argument structure (soundness, cogency and
fallacies), and apply that understanding to arguments embedded in longer
passages. Examine the dialogues on copyright in Modules 1 through 10.
Assume Peter and Jean have developed the analysis you have done on the
Copyright and Piracy Dialogues in your group work submissions. Write the
next two pages of their dialogue incorporating this analysis. Make sure they
engage on one or more of the signi cant issues in this. Analyze your dialogue
to show what you have done in terms of the content of the discussion and
the argumentation moves.





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This assignment will focus on developing your skill at analyzing a historical document. You must select a document from the list below for this assignment. The documents are all available online. After selecting your document read the document (in the case of a visual document observe it) carefully and critically. Then consult the attached essay on analyzing a primary document. It will give you some tips on how historians assess a document. Do some secondary reading to give you an idea of the general historical landscape or context of the period in which your selected document was produced. In the case of this assignment the textbook and readings should provide an adequate body of background information to help you assess the document and analyze it in its historical context. Your document analysis should assess the document and place it in its proper historical context.  This assignment will be somewhat more informal than your term paper. Nevertheless when you utilize sources, and especially if you quote them, provide footnotes to document your source and the page number it came from.


*’The Grant of the Diwani’, painting c. 1818. UFV Library, Research databases in Adam Mathews Digital, Empire Online in the documents section. Adam Matthews Digital is available as one of the UFV Library Research Databases.

*’Photograph of the Governor General in Council in India. A Procession of Elephants and Military’. UFV Research Databases (online), Adam Mathews Digital, ‘Empire Online’ in ‘documents section.

*’Map: Bangalore (1935)’. See:

*’Durbar at Bharatpur, 1862’ part of India: Pioneering Photographers 1850- 1900 online exhibition, British Library. See:

*Thomas Babington Macaulay, ‘On Empire and Education, 1833’. See:

*DadabhaiNaoroji, ‘The Benefits of British Rule, 1871’. See:

*Eliza Greathed, ‘An Account of the Opening of the Indian Mutiny at Meerut, 1857’. See:

*BalGangadharTilak, ‘Address to the Indian National Congress, 1907’. See:

*’Original “Quit India” Resolution, 1947’. See:

*Jawaharlal Nehru, ‘Speech on the Granting of India Independence’, See:




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Hello ,i am 4th year student .studying chemical and biochemical engineering. I want to place an order in which i have some specifications. I am asked to design a chemical unit operation with some required parameters. I am expecting an overview of the unit, fastexplanation about process . calculations on the parametersi will list all the info here:

I am asked to Design pressure swing adsorption (PSA) using adsorbent of 4A molecular sieve. The feed that enters th

It has to be 2 packed bed as our process is continues process which will include adsorption cycles. The feed here is mixture feed epichlorohydrin( liquid)=4.2265kg/s and moisture(liquid)=5.2471kg/s having epichlorohydrin. We are expecting a purity of 99.99% of epichlorohydrin product.

In this design I am asked to have 7 pages +excel spreadsheet including calculations step by step to show:

# column of pressure swing specification (sizing =height, dimeter and things like that )# does not have to calculate column sizing  specifications only give data from resources from resources

1-Modelling of PSA cycles time taken for the adsorption cycle +purging cycle (needcalculation)

2-pressure of the feed and product.(No need calculation)

3-adsorption isotherms namely the freundlich which include Mass balanceqe(amountsolute adsorbed per unit weight of solid at equilibrium ). As well as a plot of qe with (Ce = concentration of solute in the solution ),(as well as C intital ). From this graph I am expecting to find the Keq(K equilibrium ) which is Keq=qe/Ce .If you are able to present extra data from simulation software please do. ( need calculationimportant step by step in excel)

4-How much 4A molecular sieveneeded for the process in each bed

5- one page include the parameters used and simples with their units

#Note : the system is dynamic and isotherm so there no energy balance only mass balance .

the graph should have fitting R

6- Please include the graph of breakthrough graph showing time taken for adsorption I guess the experts know what I mean by breakthrough graph

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Warehouse Loan and Lookup Form
Project Description:
In this project, you will create a named range and use it to set data validation. You will use a PMT function to
calculate a value and then use it in a two-variable data table. You will also enter VLOOKUP functions to
return values from a table, and format cells in the workbook. You will also audit a worksheet and correct
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:
Step Instructions
Start Excel. Download and open the workbook named
Click the Warehouse Payment Table sheet. In cell B8, enter a PMT
function using cell B4 divided by 12 as the rate, B3 as the number of
payment periods, and B2 as the present value of the loan. Display the
result as a positive number.
In the range B8:H16, create a two-variable data table. Set B3 as the row
input cell, and B4 as the column input cell.
Apply the Currency number format to cells C9:H16. Apply the cell style
Note to the payment in cell D14.
2/17/2018 Excel Project 2/3
Step Instructions
On the Job Information sheet, select the range A4:C11. Sort the range
by the Job Code column in ascending order.
Create a range named Job_Code using the data in cells A5:A11 on the
Job Information worksheet.
On the Staffing Plan worksheet, in cells A9:A18, set a Data Validation
rule that allows values from a list to be entered in this cell. Set the source
to =Job_Code. From the newly created Data Validation list in cell A9,
select M-AMG.
On the Staffing Plan worksheet, in cell B9, create a VLOOKUP function
that will look up the Description from the Job Information sheet using the
Job Code. Use absolute cell references as necessary.
9 Copy the function in B9 down through cell B18. 3
In cell C9, enter 3 as the # of Positions; in D9, enter Management as the
On the Staffing Plan worksheet, in cell E9, create a VLOOKUP function
that will look up the Salary from the Job Information sheet using the Job
Use absolute cell references as necessary.
12 Copy the function in E9 down through cell E18. 3
From the Data Validation drop-down list in cell A10, select S-STR. In cell
C10, enter 5 as the # of Positions; in D10, enter Stock as the Type.
Display the Revenue worksheet and trace the precedents for the formula
in cell I5. Use the Error Checking dialog box to correct the error in the
cell so that the formula is using the Growth Assumption for Bridal
Baskets, not for Baby Baskets.
Resume error checking. When detected, correct the error in cell M6 so
that the formula references cell L9 instead of L10. Ensure that the
reference to L9 is an absolute reference.
2/17/2018 Excel Project 3/3
Step Instructions
Resume error checking. When detected, correct the error in cell F7 by
copying the formula from the cell above. Continue error checking and
correct the error in cell J8 by copying the formula from the cell on the left.
17 Use Format Painter to copy the format in cell M5 to M6. 5
Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the
following order in the workbook: Warehouse Purchase, Warehouse
Payment Table, Staffing Plan, Job Information, Revenue. Save the
workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook
as directed.




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An understanding of the consumer decision-making process and pattern of the consumer choice process in supermarkets is an important information for the management of supermarket chains around the country such as for example, Kroger, WallMart, Food City, etc. which are local food stores in metropolitan area of Knoxville, Tennessee. There are many other different stores elsewhere around the country.

A consumer typology for food has become complex based on health considerations of the customers. This adds a new challenge to the supermarket chains in terms of inventorying the most purchased items in the supermarkets. Also, food preferences are culturally bound and socially influenced.

Consider the SUPERMARKETS_DATA.xlsx data set collected on n =150 customers based on p =15 variables or items. The description of these variables (or items) are as follows.

  • x1  =Monthly amount spent (amspent)
  • x2  =Meat expenditure (meat)
  • x3  =Fish expenditure (fish)
  • x4  =Vegetable expenditure (vegetabl)
  • x5  =%Spentinown-brandproduct(ownbrand)
  • x6  =Ownacar(car)
  • x7  =%Spentinorganicfood(organic)
  • x8  =Vegitarian [Vegitari]
  • x9  =Household size (housesiz)
  • x10  =Number of kids (kids)
  • x11  =WeeklyTVwatching(hours)[TV]
  • x12  =Weeklyradiolistening(hours)[Radio]
  • x13  =Surftheweb[Web]
  • x14  =YearlyHouseholdincome[Income]
  • x15  =Age of respondent [Age]


(a) Identify the type of the above variables and classify them according to their types. Is this data set considered a mixed data type? Why? Explain briefly.

(b) Consider the continuous variables in this data set alone and carry out exploratory data analysis to visually investigate the distributional structure of the variables. Construct their histograms. What do you observe? Do the distributions of these variables follow a normal curve?

(c) Use the following MATLAB commands to obtain the bandwidth of the smoothing parameter for the probability density estimates for each of the continuous variables.

rng(’default’) %for reproducibility

%Input data from an Excel File

SupData=xlsread(’SUPERMARKETS_DATA.xlsx’); amspent=SupData(:,3) %You can change this to

%read the other continuous variables

[f,xi,bw]= ksdensity(amspent);



bw% print the bandwidth


Give the plots of the density estimators for each of the continuous variables along with their bandwidth. What do you observe?

(d) If you were assuming a probability distribution to fit to the continuous variables, then estimate the parameters (i.e., the mean and standard deviation, etc…) of these distributions for each continuous variables and summarize your results in a table form using the following mle(maximum likelihood estimation) command in MATLAB, say for example, for the Monthly Amount Spent (amspent) variable for different distributions.

[PHAT, PCI]=mle(amspent,’distribution’,’normal’);

[PHAT, PCI]=mle(amspent,’distribution’,’lognormal’); [PHAT, PCI]= mle(amspent,’distribution’,’exponential’); [PHAT, PCI]= mle(amspent,’distribution’,’gamma’);

[PHAT, PCI]=mle(amspent,’distribution’,’weibul’);

(e) Consider the Monthly Amount Spent (amspent) as your response variable and construct a new ANOVA data structure for different Supermarkets as your groups. Provide this data in Excel format and carry out your ANOVA hyposthesis of

at α(alpha)=5%. Do you accept or reject the null hypothesis? Construct a boxplot to show graphically which supermarkets are similar in terms of revenues earned.

(f) What can you say about the scales of these variables? Construct bar charts for the categorical variables.

NOTE: Please do not distribute this data set.

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