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you must read the book ( Thank You St. Jude ) and write response paper you will write a 4 page (12-point font, double-spaced) – Also, the paper must include four or three the following idea: ( pick up 3 of the following idea that you see related to Thank You St. Jude and include it in paper ) 1- Fannie lom Hamer1917-77 2- Freedom summer 1964 3-Abraham Joshua Heschl 4-Sacrosanctum concilium 5- Vatican II 1962-65 Nostradamus Actate ( Aetate) 6- Perfectae caritatis 7- Mass Mobs 8- Jim Jones – Jones town 9- Malcolm X 1925 – 1965 10- Betty shabazz 11- Malik Al-shabazz – To get very good grade you must follow this steps ● Uses specific examples and evidence to support any arguments made ● Provides citations for any material referenced (any citation style is fine as long as it is used consistently or correctly) ● Meets stated length requirements ● Minimal spelling and grammatical errors ● Is well-organized and easy to follow the author’s train of thought

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