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Risk and threats to Untied Arab Emirates

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please do for my capstone project,
please send me the first draft, and I attached the proposal so you can work on it, you can change questions, and thesis, references . and regarding the topic let me know if you want to change in case you didn’t find information which you can build
but I want about Nuclear Power ( Nuclear energy )

give your idea and let me know what you propose another one

1. Topic and title: (well-defined; and narrowed to a feasible framework)
2. Objectives – explain the main goals of your research – Minimum two objectives
3. Provide two research questions for your proposal
4. Write down one thesis (a short, direct sentence that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay or research paper) essential to your research
5. List two resources you intend to use for your project (book, journal article etc.) – Please follow APA style of reference

here you can use the resources as much you can

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