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To think critically about potential uses and interpretations of a text; to form an argument that is both creative and effective; to consider which arguments are most useful for addressing a specific audience.

Write an 1,800-2,000-word proposal to an organization encouraging them to use (or to cease using) Kate Chopin’s The Awakening to further their mission.

Possible approaches:

Write a proposal to a popular feminist book club (Oprah’s Book Club; Emma Watson’s group “Our Shared Shelf,” etc.) and propose why this group should or should not read The Awakening.
Suggestions: What is the group’s mission? What books have they read in the past, and how might Chopin’s text complement or challenge them? What moments in the text might support the book club’s mission? What sorts of discussions or questions might the text raise for this particular group?

Option 3.
A proposal of your own creation. (Please run your idea by me before beginning).

Use 2-3 sources (a variety of BEAT sources) in addition to The Awakening to make your proposal’s argument convincing to your specific audience.

To complete this assignment successfully, you’ll need to:
-Research your audience.
-Think about the types of arguments that will be compelling to your chosen audience.
-Effectively use a variety of sources to support your argument.
-Interpret moments in the text and communicate their importance to your readers.

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