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Women’s & Gender Studies

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Essays: Answer all four questions in complete essay format — introduction, body, and conclusion. Use depth and clarity in your answer. Each answer should be a minimum of 2-pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font. (There are 4 questions, 2- pages each for a total of 8-pages.) Please use the textbook: Wood, Julia (2015) Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, and Culture (11th or 12th ed.), focusing on chapters 9 – 12. ISBN – 9781285075938

1.) Think about how you perceive your future long-term romantic relationship(s) (which may include a preference not to have one). How does your conception of long-term romantic relationships reflect or challenge gendered ideas of how romantic relationships should function? Be sure to draw on material from Chapter 9 to answer the question.

2.) Your Gendered Lives textbook discusses a number of informal organizational practices that contribute to discriminatory practices in organizations today. Define and discuss two of these practices that you believe are the most damaging and explain why you believe this. Finally pick one of the methods to redress gendered inequity and explain how this solution would help address the discriminatory practices discussed in your essay. What the benefits and limitations of this method?

3.) Your book discusses the ways in which relationships between men and women are portrayed in media. Choose two of the four themes and using specific examples, explain how the media depicts men and women’s relationships, including the implication of these portrayals.

4.) Define gendered violence and discuss the ways in which we normalize gendered violence. Your essay should identify 3-4 specific social foundations or institutions that allow or encourage both women and men to regard certain kinds of gendered violence as normal or acceptable. Include concrete examples.

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